Get your lean on

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Getting my lean on

Fast pace and intensity are the key words for the rest of August. I just  got a call from one of my clients who went back East to his home town, ecstatically he told me that everyone was telling him how amazing he looked. When he went to the gym to work out he took his buddy and put him through a Kaos workout and had his buddy (10 years his junior) hunched over and gasping for air. These are stories that makes every trainer’s day. We packed on ten pounds and dropped 5% body fat on him in 2 and a half months, not bad. The key was fast pace and intensity, and a little less eating out. Most people spend way to much time in the gym milling around, cool if you have a lot of time on your hands or just don’t want to get to the next level. Here are a couple of workouts sure to get you sweating and your lean on.

Get a flat bench press and load it up with a weight you can do 15 times, for me 145 lbs does the trick. Also grab a dumbbell or kettle bell for snatches.

This circuit will be timed for 15 minutes as many times as you can get through it

15 bench press

15 bench hoppers

15 snatches on each arm (example is on Kaos shoulder workout)

15 on each arm standing alternating dumbbell shoulder press

25 medicine ball oblique exploders on the bench (example is on Kaos to the core)

Give yourself a 2 minute break for water and set up for the next circuit

Next circuit is on an incline bench, load it up with a weight you can do 15 times 135 does the trick for me

This is timed for 15 minutes as many times as you can

15 reps on incline

run the gammitt (example is on Kaos shoulder workout)

Jump rope for 2 minute intervals

15 plyo push ups

This is fast pace so give yourself as little breaks in between sets as possible.

This next workout again is timed.

Complete as many sets as you can in 15 minutes

Max set of pull ups ( if you can’t get 6 in a set go to the lat pull down machine or assisted pullups and do 15 reps)

Dumbbell dead lifts 15 reps

Hanging leg raises 20 reps

one arm dumbbell raises 15 reps on each arm

Side to side bench hoppers 30 reps

Take a 2  minute break to water up and set up for the next circuit

This circuit is timed, do as many sets of each for 15 minutes

Bent over straight bar rows 15 reps

Straight legged dead lifts 12 reps

Easy bar curls 15 reps

Medicine ball single leg wraps (Suit case grabbers, example is on Kaos to the core)

After this circuit take 1 minute water up and head to the treadmill, set on an incline of at least 1 and do 5 intervals of sprints 30 seconds as fast as you can and 1 minute at slow jog.

You can make these workouts as hard as you want, increase weight or speed. It is all up to you now, grab your I-pod and workout partner and go get your lean on.


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