Do workout clothes motivate you?

Wokout clothes

Workout clothes

Speaking of clothes, I’m a bit of a clothing junkie—but not in the way you might think. Really, I don’t have a lot of clothes and I rarely go shopping. I look for bargains and rarely buy anything that’s not on sale. But when it comes to workout clothes…that’s another story! I recently realized that about half of my wardrobe is exercise clothing and I probably have it (in at least 3 colors, thank you). I have more pairs of workout pants than I do regular pants!

I realized that I had a problem when I was shopping for a new pair of jeans not so long ago. I found a perfect pair (which is so rare, am I right?) and I bought them immediately. It fit well and made me feel great. And even though I’d wear these jeans multiple times per week for months on end, after purchasing them, I still had to justify their $60 price tag to myself.  However, just a week prior, I had spent $50 (yes, $50!) on a new pair of Nike (my favorite) workout pants—something I’ll wear for an hour once a week. Am I nuts? (Don’t answer that…haha)

So I started to wonder: Are you like me? Do new, cute, or cool workout clothes motivate you to exercise?

Workout clothes DO motivate me.  I used to wear those baggy sweat pants to the gym, now I only wear them at home as PJ’s. I am much more excited to go to a gym when I’m sporting my great-fitting, sweat-wicking exercise pants that make me feel comfortable and confident than if I threw on any old thing. I call them my “super-woman pants”.  Seriously, as soon as I put them on, I’m ready to go.  You will never see me working out in a random oversized T-shirt or anything made of cotton (it retains moisture and keeps you soggy). I can’t really explain it—I mean, I’m definitely not that into my appearance. For me, buying and wearing nice workout clothes is not about what others think when they see me exercising. It’s about how the clothes make me feel about myself. I like to have the right gear for the job so to speak. Just as a new fitness gadget, like a pedometer, heart rate monitor, or even a bodybugg, can motivate other people to get moving, that’s what workout clothes do for me. They don’t have to be expensive or fancy—they just have to have the right fit, fabric, and style. If that makes me a clothing snob, so be it! (At least it helps motivate me to exercise 4-5 days a week and feel good while doing it.)

How about you: Do you care what clothes you wear when working out? Do new workout clothes motivate you, or do you think these “outfits” are silly}?
I would love to hear your thoughts ladies and gents!!!


8 Responses

  1. I totally care about what I wear when I work out. I don’t think it’s silly at all. And I remember Tim wrote an article kind of about this subject and I think you’re both absolutely right. I think especially for women, wearing the right exercise clothing is very important. Thanks for a great article Lana.

  2. you know I never thought about it that way…hmm. i will totally try that, is there a specific fit of pants and sports bra you recommend? i’m totally lost when it comes to fitness clothing, i still wear the sweat pants i wore a few year ago…well, once thing i have to admit, i don’t have your body, so this is why i haven’t even thought of buying anything tight-fitting. but i guess to get there, i need to start somewhere, right?

  3. i’m not a chick, but will tell my girl to read this. i think the same goes for guys…clothes do make the man or woman 😉

  4. I totally agree that clothes motivate you at the gym. As an instructor it can set the mood/tone for your class. When I dress up and for a particular format it gives me the right vibe and energy for what I am teaching. I would never wear yoga attire or tight clothes for Hip Hop or K-boxing just looks and feels less powerful or edgy. The members love it too and when you dress up they start as well…lots of ladies in my class slash their T-shirts now and they say it totally gets them excited to come to class.
    Nice Post!!

  5. Definitely on the same page as you. I love having a good workout wardrobe. You get more excited to workout when you feel good. Although, I must say that I do wear cotton tshirts – I just have so many in my closet!

  6. Clothes make all the difference for me when I am working out! 🙂 I love Lululemon for quality and style! I really like brazilian workout brands like Margarita, Bia Brazil, and many others. I like to look sexy in the workout clothes that I wear while at the gym or being active outside. 🙂

  7. Now that I think about it, personally I love getting new workout clothes! I’m a huge fan of anything Nike cause I feel like it fits me best over brands like Adidas or UA. I’d challenge anyone feeling down-and-out during their training sessions to pick up some new workout threads before their next trip to the gym!

  8. What you wear at the gym makes a huge diffrence! If your looking good your feeling good and if your feeling good you get good results!

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