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  1. Hi Tim,

    First of all, I’m very thankful for your blog. A friend of mine forwarded me the link.
    I’ve been working out for 8 months now, went through 3 different trainers (i’m in Brooklyn, otherwise, I would love to train with you), and no results – whatsoever. My last trainer had me on 4 days per week, we did a lot of cardio, and some weight training, he didn’t however tell me what to eat, I asked him, and he said, just moderate. I mean, he gave me some advise, but nothing structured. I feel like I’m blubbering, and I don’t even know what question I have…I guess I’m frustrated. I have worked out hard, tried to moderate what I eat, and thousands later, I still look the same. I’m 28, 145, 5’7…I used to do a lot of sports when I was younger…if that’s of any help.

    • Good Morning Dina and thank you for reading I would love to try to help. Ok so I would be very confused if I heard moderate to, lets start with the nutrition a good place to start is with your calorie count and portion control. I am pretty strict with my clients and get them on a 5-6 meal a day program, lets get a little more specific to your needs, at 145 and 5’7 I would put you on a 1300-1500 calorie count with 5 meals a day. You always want to get breakfast, always! So breakfast should be about 350-400 calories, snacks are very important to curve your appetite so you do not have huge dinners and late night snacks and should be 100-150 calories and lunch and dinner should be 350-400 calories. This sounds like it could be very tedious and at the beginning it is but trust me you get use to it. I am reading this back and a bit confused myself so why don’t we try something, for the next month send me daily updates on your nutrition I will be your nutrition and work out counselor of sorts. We can get you educated on nutrition and work outs, 1 e-mail is hard to give all the advice needed. I love a new project and would love to help, i am in if you are.

  2. Thanks for your response Tim! This would be great. I’m leaving town for a week, as soon as I get back I will e-mail you here. Again, thanks! 🙂

  3. Tim, what do you to to motivate your clients? Or basically how do you motivate yourself? most of the time i really don’t wanna work out…so wut to do?

    • What’s up Tatiana, yes I know the feeling and today’s post was inspired by you. As I said music can always get my mind in the right place. I also put such a variety into my workouts that if I wake up and don’t want to go to the gym I will throw the I pod on and go to beach and run or the UCLA track and field. As far as my clients are concerned each one is so different that I have to motivate them in different ways, some I set short and long term goals for, that way when they reach the short term goal the long term doesn’t seem so far away. For others I try to keep the work outs so unique that they want to see what is next. If you feel that it is hard to motivate try a new workout, make it fresh. Grab a work out partner or get some new music and definitely try new things.

  4. Sorry for not writing sooner, I got back in town and have been following your blog – you’re a genius! I started eating better, and followed your videos to work out at home – I already dropped about 8 solid pounds. And I’m not talking about water weight, my waistline shrank a bit – you have no idea, this has NEVER happened before, especially this fast. And I keep dropping weight and inches. I didn’t even think it was possible this fast. You have changed my life, this blog has changed my life. Thank you guys! It’s like having my own personal trainer. Awesome.

  5. Love the Website, Timmers! I am using the summer to drop a few years- part of that is using the computer for comunication and part of it is becoming more fit. Your neice and I want to know how to take my abs from flab to fab! I have lost 7lbs since February and want to lose at least 10 more. My current BMI is 23. If I lose 10 lbs that should get it to 21. Currently I exercise by walking around the block and with basement time spent with the WII fit. My summer diet is at an agressive 1200 calories heavy in fish and legume protien and lots of veg and fruit. What do you think?

  6. hey bro, miss hearing from U.
    when & what ru posting next?

  7. Dear Tim,

    I want to have a body like yours. Will that help me get a hot girlfriend like Lana?

  8. Whats up Tim. I am a huge fan of your workouts. I am a former college football player looking to regain my physique. How many days a week do you prefer to work out? Whats up with some calf workouts?

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