Do workout clothes motivate you?

Wokout clothes

Workout clothes

Speaking of clothes, I’m a bit of a clothing junkie—but not in the way you might think. Really, I don’t have a lot of clothes and I rarely go shopping. I look for bargains and rarely buy anything that’s not on sale. But when it comes to workout clothes…that’s another story! I recently realized that about half of my wardrobe is exercise clothing and I probably have it (in at least 3 colors, thank you). I have more pairs of workout pants than I do regular pants!

I realized that I had a problem when I was shopping for a new pair of jeans not so long ago. I found a perfect pair (which is so rare, am I right?) and I bought them immediately. It fit well and made me feel great. And even though I’d wear these jeans multiple times per week for months on end, after purchasing them, I still had to justify their $60 price tag to myself.  However, just a week prior, I had spent $50 (yes, $50!) on a new pair of Nike (my favorite) workout pants—something I’ll wear for an hour once a week. Am I nuts? (Don’t answer that…haha)

So I started to wonder: Are you like me? Do new, cute, or cool workout clothes motivate you to exercise?

Workout clothes DO motivate me.  I used to wear those baggy sweat pants to the gym, now I only wear them at home as PJ’s. I am much more excited to go to a gym when I’m sporting my great-fitting, sweat-wicking exercise pants that make me feel comfortable and confident than if I threw on any old thing. I call them my “super-woman pants”.  Seriously, as soon as I put them on, I’m ready to go.  You will never see me working out in a random oversized T-shirt or anything made of cotton (it retains moisture and keeps you soggy). I can’t really explain it—I mean, I’m definitely not that into my appearance. For me, buying and wearing nice workout clothes is not about what others think when they see me exercising. It’s about how the clothes make me feel about myself. I like to have the right gear for the job so to speak. Just as a new fitness gadget, like a pedometer, heart rate monitor, or even a bodybugg, can motivate other people to get moving, that’s what workout clothes do for me. They don’t have to be expensive or fancy—they just have to have the right fit, fabric, and style. If that makes me a clothing snob, so be it! (At least it helps motivate me to exercise 4-5 days a week and feel good while doing it.)

How about you: Do you care what clothes you wear when working out? Do new workout clothes motivate you, or do you think these “outfits” are silly}?
I would love to hear your thoughts ladies and gents!!!



hair color

hair color

It’s summertime, and most of you like to wear a brighter color in your hair – even you guys out there may wish to go a bit lighter.  Oftentimes a lighter coppery red or reddish tone is a great choice to add into your color during summertime.  A color change such as adding red or lighter colors sometimes seems to fade more quickly than the regular blonde or brunette color that has already been done.  As a general note, any kind of red color is the first to fade, because red contains the largest dye molecules.  Whether you’re a redhead, blonde or brunette, if you are going even a bit lighter/redder, you should always ask your stylist/colorist what he/she could do to prevent hair from premature color fade.  This may include leaving the color on a bit longer or mixing up separate formulas for the base, mid-shaft and ends.  Be sure to ask if he/she is doing a typical “pull through” or using a fresh color formula.  Ask if the formula will be on the mid-shaft and ends and for how long.  Then you need to evaluate which haircare products you’re using at home and you need to make sure that your products are specifically formulated to repair and moisturize, as well as prevent hair from premature color fade.  Lastly, as a general rule, you don’t need to shampoo as often which will help retain your haircolor for a longer period of time.

Along the same lines, when you guys and gals go lighter and/or redder during summertime, many of you have eyebrow tone or eyelash tone that needs to be adjusted to match the new color.  It is definitely possible to tint either or both, and this is a procedure I recommend for a total look of beauty.  Eyebrow and eyelash tinting is very easy to do but I do recommend going to a salon rather than doing it yourself to ensure that your color is in sync and to ensure safety.  For eyebrows, it’s about a 15-20 minute process.  For eyelashes, again, it’s an easy procedure that takes approximately 20 minutes.  The color lasts between three and four weeks and fades gradually on-tone.

During summer, should you choose to lighten your previously color treated hair, you need to prevent your hair from becoming dry, especially at the ends.  The longer the hair is, the older the hair is, the more dimensions/levels of color/chemicals are on the hair, and longer hair doesn’t have the benefit of sebum or hair oils produced at the scalp that keep the hair shaft healthy and shiny.  It is a matter of using really good restorative products, which is why I specifically designed the Marco™ Collagen Color Guard™ HairCare System.  The first and only complete collagen system exclusively developed for color and chemically treated hair, the Marco Collagen Color Guard HairCare System is specifically formulated to prevent premature color fade and create the most positive, therapeutic environment for the hair and scalp.  Always remember that shampoo is for the scalp and conditioning is for the ends.  When you condition, you need to allow time with the conditioner on the ends of your hair.  The concept is just like moisturizing your skin.  It’s important to not over shampoo the hair because it dries out the hair shaft.  All you really need to do is shampoo your scalp and let the shampoo rinse down the ends.

These are just a few tips for you all to think about for the warmer season, and to maintain the quality and intergrity of your hair while doing so. Happy Summer!

True Beauty: the reality check

This post is for you ladies, mainly.  There’s an enormous pressure to remain stick thin and look impossibly youthful these days, especially if you’re in the entertainment/fashion industry, but that pressure is also felt by any young girl across the world.  I’ve come across so many young women who are taking extreme measures to stay thing: harsh diets, diet pills, skipping meals, barfing, miracle drugs, starvation, and now there’s a new term out there – “drunkorexia”. Growing numbers of young women skip meals to allow them to binge drink without putting on weight.  This “image” problem has been heightened by images of celebrities “lauded” for staying stick-thin while maintaining a hectic social schedule and by all these gorgeous magazine covers which shows them as being absolutely PERFECT.   Just take a look at these before and after photoshop covers, and please bear in mind, this is simply for a reality check.  I don’t want to come across cruel or judgmental to the celebrities show in these pictures:

before and after photoshop

before and after photoshop

Madonna before and after photoshop

Madonna before and after photoshop











Kim Kardashian before and after photoshop

Kim Kardashian before and after photoshop

Faith Hill before and after photoshop

Faith Hill before and after photoshop












Eating disorders have reached epidemic levels in America– all segments of society are affected: men and women, young and old, rich and poor, all minorities, all socio-economic levels 

�Seven million women �One million men

So don’t get caught up in the fiction and the pressures of staying thin.  You just have to commit and do the work, like the rest of us.  I’m not going to lie and say it’s easy to stay in great shape.  You have to change your lifestyle, commit to eating healthy, and get into a work out routine that works for you.  Also, pick a realistic role model, and not just someone you see on one of those covers.  
YOU have to put in the work — don’t rely on some magic pill or potion, or some fake diet fad, or start drinking senselessly so you can replace your calories, all those things don’t work.
It’s time for a REALITY CHECK, and that’s what we’re here for, to help you or someone you know, go through the rough times, and help you set and attain REAL goals.

Brighten Up Your Appearance for Summer with Haircolor!

amazing-hairHey guys and gals.  Been feeling like your appearance – perhaps your haircolor – is a bit dull lately?  Not enough spark in general?  Or if you already color your hair, is your haircolor growing out too fast?  Are the ends of your hair darker than the roots?  Or are you maybe just needing to blend away some unwanted gray hair?  Whenever I run a few highlights through just about anyone’s color – guys and gals alike – he/she will usually feel better about most of these scenarios!

It’s all about feeling good.  In the end, isn’t that what we all want?  Anyone can get a few highlights placed throughout his/her hair in order to brighten up the color – and that’s what it’s really about – a simple BRIGHTENING of the color – it doesn’t even have to be too far from your natural color.  As a matter of fact, going drastically lighter than your natural or base color is not recommended – because then the opposite happens – and you will look washed out.

Many of you men and women might stray to the grocery store – especially in this economy – and attempt to do highlights on your own and place color directly on your scalp – the problem is the unwanted orange or ‘brassy’ tones that usually result from home haircolor.  Ask your haircolorist/stylist – or find a good one in your area – for some natural looking highlights – maybe 2-4 levels lighter than your natural color.  If you are a dark blonde, you can have slightly lighter blonde shades placed strategically throughout your hair.  If you are dark-haired, you can ask for simply lighter brown or very dark blonde highlights.  If you are a redhead – even redhead haircolor can dull with age – you can have some natural looking strawberry or dark blonde highlights placed throughout to zip up your color.

Placement of the highlights is very important, if not crucial, to your end result.  You are not looking for highlights at the back of your neck.  No one has lighter hair there.  Natural hair – especially from the sun – especially when we were kids and we spent more time outside – lightens easily on the top of the head.  So ask your haircolorist for a partial highlight service – you don’t need a full head of highlights – definitely not all the time.  What I recommend is simply a partial – top and sides only.  It’s more natural for the nape of the neck to be darker – just like natural hair.

Also, if you have some gray hair – as many of us guys and gals do nowadays – highlights can be a great solution for you!  Almost any guy or gal at any age in the country who has any shade of brown or dark blonde hair, with a percentage of gray hair, will enjoy a few highlights.  An overall color laid directly on the scalp can definitely cover all your gray hair, but then you are left with the regrowth in no less than four to six weeks and be forced to do it again right away, or you will see the line of demarcation quickly.  With a partial highlighting, you can possibly extend the life of your haircolor up to a few months perhaps, depending of course on how gray you are, and hopefully if you keep the highlights not too much lighter than your natural or base color.  The line of demarcation blends away with some highlighting.  The gray hair blends in with the highlights.  Actually a naturally dark blonde haired person is the luckiest of all of us – because highlights are such an easy solution – rather than having to use a color laid directly on the scalp.

The consultation is truly THE MOST IMPORTANT step when getting any hair service, especially color done at a salon.  Challenge your haircolorist to determine which tone will suit and flatter your skin and eyes and lifestyle.  Do your homework also – know what will suit you best.  If you are very pale you may look best with cooler color highlights.  If you have freckles and are tan you may look best with warmer highlights.  You can discuss this with your stylist.  You can ask to see shades of haircolor to guide your decision making process.  The consultation should be built in as part of your service, even if you have been going to your same hairstylist for years, you still deserve that beautifully fresh conversation.  And don’t forget that the process doesn’t end at the salon.  You need to use products specifically formulated to prevent premature color fade and create the most positive, therapeutic environment for the hair and scalp.  I feel so passionate about color, that I created and recently launched the Marco Collagen Color Guard HairCare System – the first and only complete collagen system for color and chemically treated hair.  For more information, please visit my Web site at

You deserve the option to change, guys and gals.  Why not just try it like we all do here in Hollywood?

Excercise your body and your skin!

Lana AntonovaMost of the time, when you think of exercise, you think of  losing weight, building muscle, and trimming thighs. But now, through doctor’s research and my own personal experience your SKIN also benefits from regular workouts! From reducing acne breakouts to fighting the signs of aging, health experts say regular exercise can play a big role in how young and how healthy your skin looks and feels.

“It’s no secret that exercise has important benefits for the entire body. But what many people don’t realize is that our skin is the largest organ of our body, and thus, the benefits can be enormous,” says Audrey Kunin, MD, a Kansas City, Mo., dermatologist and author of The DERMAdoctor Skinstruction Manual.

Exercise increases your circulation thus delivering nutrients to skin cells, whooshing away potentially damaging toxins. It also gives skin the optimum conditions for making collagen, the support fibers that help keep wrinkles and lines at bay.

But I would say the most dramatic effects of exercise are on acne-prone skin.  Doctors say working out provides many benefits that can help clear the skin.  How? Exercise mediates the production of testosterone-related hormones such as DHEA and DHT.

If you want proof, just think about any situation that increased your stress level —  and you’re likely to recall a breakout.  Regular exercise also increases sweating, which in turn can unclog pores and have a positive effect on breakouts.

“In the long run, people who exercise have a better complexion overall. If they have acne, it’s better controlled, and if they have occasional breakouts they are definitely less severe, and clear quicker and easier,” says Goldberg, director of Skin Laser and Surgery Specialists of N.Y./N.J., and a clinical professor of dermatology at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York City.

Take it from me, I had the worst skin when I was younger, all the way up to my 20’s — today my skin is more youthful, clear, great complexion, and I almost never have any breakouts —  I get compliments ALL the time and poeple constantly ask me how I take care of my skin.  One — I exercise regularly, thanks to the top trainer, Tim Trost; and second– that leads me to a grand introduction of my phenominal skin care line that I created – FIORE.  The products are 100% natural, with aboslutely no preservatives.  It was inpired by my mother, who past away from cancer more than 10 years ago.  I will speak more about Fiore and about the importance of knowing what you put on your skin, all in my next post.   In the mean time to learn more about my product line, please visit the official FIORE site.  Here are some of the testimonials from people who are using Fiore:

Dan Andrews – Los Angeles, CA
“I suffer from a bad case of eczema. I’ve tried steroids, ointment creams, you name it. I hate the restrictions of the creams. I was never able to get relief. Until my girlfriend brought home the Fiore sample. It’s been 3 weeks and I haven’t seen my face look and feel this good in a long time. I would recommend this to anyone who is suffering from extremely dry skin. I’ve told several people about this fascinating new product I’ve been using. And the results speak for them self.”

Brandy Stewart – Venice, CA
“I’m in my mid twenties, and I have been experiencing overactive skin. The melanin in my skin causes my blemishes to be very apparent. I started feeling self conscious about the condition of my skin. Then I was introduced to the Fiore line. Fiore has many benefits, but my focus was to diminish the appearance of past and present impurities. I started substituting my everyday moisturizer with Fiore’s Guilt Free Mix. And the results have been amazing! My skin looks and feels more healthy and hydrated. And best of all, my acne scars are fading naturally. I’m starting to feel completely balanced inside and out. Thank you!”

Kathy Nahl – Laguna Beach, CA
“As a spa owner, a paramedical esthetician, and permanent make-up artist with over 27 years in the industry, it takes a lot to get me excited in the cosmetic industry. Fiore got me excited and I love their products. I love the results for wrinkles and for the repairing of skin. All in all, these products are superb and to use them professionally gives my spa a first class image. Clients love it too and want to bring one home to use!”