Let’s get explosive – Usain Bolt style

Usain Bolt - Olympics 2008

Usain Bolt - Olympics 2008

There are very few athletes in my opinion as gifted as Usain Bolt, the man is a freak of nature. He is one giant explosive, white fibris machine. While not many of us were gifted with such a cool name and none of us are as fast, the explosive workouts are just that explosive to the muscles. I have been running a bit more distance of late on soft and hard surfaces and have neglected my white fibris muscles and it truly showed today on my track and field day workout. I was slower than I was just 4 months ago and as I am writing this, every muscle in my body feels!

The importance of keeping the workouts fresh is not only for the mind but also to keep shocking your muscles. Today I am going to take you verbally through an explosive workout and next week I will take the video camera out there and demo some new and fun workouts. (did not want to do that this week, have to prep myself a bit, so I’m able to actually speak to the camera)

So the plan is to go to your local track, almost every high school, junior college or university will have one you can use, I have been blessed to have the use of the UCLA track and field…it is free and makes for an amazing workout.

Bring with you a workout band and a workout partner.

To start, do some ballistic stretches such as leg kicks and round house leg kicks as seen on back to basics video, 10 minutes of warm up should get the muscles warm. Then go to the stadium stairs and get started with intervals of single step sprints to double step sprints 10 sets of each.  Next we go to stair hoppers, jumping as many stairs as possible (As seen on hoppin to fitness) for one set and then do single leg hops staying on your right leg for one set and the left for the other, doing 5 sets of each. Now we move to the track for 50 yard resistance sprints, hopefully you brought your workout partner for this. Have your workout partner wrap the band around your waist and tow him or her at full speed for 50 yards, rest for 1 minute and switch having your partner run 50 and repeat for 5 sets. We move to 100 yard sprints racing with your partner or have them time you for 5 sets with 2 minute breaks in between sets. Finish with 5-10 minutes of static stretching, drink some water and go home and eat a chicken (or just a 6 oz. chicken breast spinach and a yam.)

Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt

White fibris workouts are great to lean out and give you more A to B speed, if you add this into your workout regime twice a month, you will see the results, I can gurantee you. While I don’t promise that you will run like Usain Bolt, I do promise that you will improve your speed and feal leaner and meaner, toning your calves, quads, glutes, hamstrings, abs and muscles you never knew you had, and as promised I will be back next week with a video and new track and field workout.


Athletes up

The question I ask a lot is “What are you training for?”  While most of us are not pro athletes and never will be, training like an athlete is an amazing way to vary your workouts, make them fun and get an incredible results. I like to think of myself as a jack of many sports, some of my clients are athletes and some are just very good hobby players and I like to keep up with each in their respective sport. My training regiment is vast and has a lot of change, for basketball I do weighted plyos and agility drills, for surfing I do a lot of core and balance exorcises and for tennis, I do core and drills that increase my ability to have quick movements. I train so I can stay athletic. This week I will break down some workouts for specific sports but today I am going to talk about what every Athletic person should be able to do. When you get stuck in the gym rut, the body does not tend to reach it’s full potential, while you will get stronger and more developed the true athlete in you will not be brought out!

Body weight exercises are a great way to test your strength, an athlete should be able to 15-20 pull ups, 80-100 push ups and 100 sit ups in 2 minutes.

Explosive movements are an important element in any sport, short bursts of speed lateral and horizontal. As you know I love the sprints, also set yourself up a course and do side to side bursts. If you have a workout partner, grab a band and do resistance drills such as sprints and cone drills. Plyos are also effective in improving bursts of speed such as side bench hoppers and Russian lunges. An athlete needs strong and developed white fibrous muscles.

I gauge my endurance at 3 mile runs, if you can run 3 miles in 18 minutes or less you are doing extremely well. If you are at 18 to 25 that’s still pretty good and 25 to 30 is satisfactory, 30 and above — it is time to get to work!  The jump rope is also a great way to measure without blasting the knees, 12 minutes straight ( about the length of 3 of your favorite work out songs) is a the time to shoot for with 1 minute speed bursts every 3 minutes.

Strength training is still the foundation for me and bench, squats, dead lifts and cleans are my foundation. Benching your body weight at least 12 times is a must and the same with squats. For an athlete these to should be your foundation too and work the curls and tricep push downs around these lifts.

The core is what will give your body control, be able to stop on a dime and switch directions or give you the balance and strength needed in every sport. Plyo medicine ball exercises are a great way to develop the core (Kaos to the core has some examples). All athletes need a strong core.

This is for those of you who consider yourself to be athletes or extremely fit, most have to work up to this point. The gym is great, but add some more athletic workouts into your program and see the results. Bring some weights to the track and field, hills, stairs, soft sand, parks or even your back yard and do some new workouts. I will have some more sport specific workouts this week but to get you started test yourself on the above and improve on these movements. I promise that if you do you will be more fit and ready for any sport thrown your way!

Kaos to the core-Amazing abs

The first thing you need to know when training the core is what it consists of, because knowledge is the key and by just doing crunches till you are blue in the face isn’t going to give you a strong developed mid-section. A common misconception about the core is that it consists of only the abs and obliques — the core also consists of the lower back, pelvis region and also the lower chest, so having a large arsenal of different exercises for that core is going to give you all the creases and muscles you want for a defined, strong and “show-off” mid-section that will be the envy of all your friends. Functional ab exercises are very athletic exercises that will help you with everything from simply standing up to swinging a golf club, a tennis racket and running. Here are some of my favorite functional ab exercises.

1. Wood choppers

2. Cross body snatches

3. Cross bows

Let’s get into weighted abs, these will get deep into those abs and really build the muscles. Depending on what equipment you have in your gym, there are a wide variety of weighted exercises you can do. Her are a few that I know you will have the equipment to do.

1. Cable push downs

2. Cable oblique push downs

3. Medicine ball pass offs

“Slow it down”  – These are words I have heard a million times while training the core, while you do feel the “burn” more while doing abs slowly, explosive movements are also a very effective way to build strength and speed in the core. The medicine ball is a great way to get those explosive movements. Here are a few of the exercises I do regularly with myself and my clients.

1. Ball tossers

2. Oblique tossers

3. Wall explosive throws

4. Single leg floor slams

A little more traditional approach to the abs with a little twist, these are not your regular crunches and will give you a little variety from the norm.

1. Tennis ball between the leg hand offs

2. V-Crunches

3. Hanging leg raises

4. Reverse crunches – open legged to closed

5. Boat pose

Another way to to work that core is with balance based exercises, such as on a bosu ball or simply by standing on one leg, or doing single arm exercises. While you are not going to build much mass on these, they are  great ways to activate the core and switch things up.

1. Single leg side laterals

2. Single leg dumbbell curls

3. Bosu shoulder presses

4. Bosu squats

5. Single arm chest presses

6. Single arm shoulder presses with a twist

As you may already know one of my favorite ways to activate my core and build a lean strong mid-section is sprints. There are many ways to vary a sprint workout from soft sand, hills, stairs, treadmill and regular track and field. Work your way up to the hill sprints, stairs or hill sprints. The treadmill is a good way to do that, it is easy to control the incline and speed to track your improvement, also on a regular track 100 meter sprints and walk 100 meters for as many sets as you can to start and working your way up.

With a strong core you will be more athletic, stronger, faster and just be able to do daily activities better. We are trying to load you up with as many exercises as we can so that you will see and feel the change, to achieve the goals you want it is best to have a wide variety of exercises. Happy 4th all!

Happy Birthday Tim!

I got up super early to get this quick post in.  It’s Tim’s Birthday today…let’s help him celebrate it!



Kaos shoulder workout

dwight howard

Dwight Howard

I want to thank Marco for being our guest author.  And guys…Marco Pelusi pomade is the bomb! Let’s get back to the workouts shall we. From time to time I like to break down my workouts into body parts with some supplemented compound movements to give great shape to those parts. If you watched any of the NBA finals like me, I was amazed by Dwight Howard’s shoulders which is why the first breakdown I wanted to cover is the shoulders. Creativity is what my shoulder workouts are all about, there are so many different movements to stimulate the deltoids. When wearing a tank top who doesn’t love to be complemented on the arms and it all starts with the shoulders, and nice separation between the arms. I am going to give you three different shoulder workouts that you can mix and match and make your own or just follow each to a T, guaranteed to make you feeling them and wanting more. Lets start with one that I like to call “the volumizer”, because it is geared more for adding a little size to those shoulders, then we will go into the shoulder shaper for nice developed shoulders.

Each exercise will be done 3 sets for 8-12 reps, go heavy on these day’s because we do want to pump up those shoulders.

Circuit 1- Barbell shoulder presses behind the neck, , barbell dead lifts, barbell shrugs, upright rows and 30 second jump rope

Circuit 2- Barbell shoulder presses to the front, squats, front delt barbell raises and 30 second jump rope

The shaper

Each exercise will be done for 3 sets and 10 to15 reps

Circuit 1- Arnold presses, Dumbbell to the side lunges, side lateral raises, dumbbell single arm snatches, jump rope for 1 minute

Circuit 2- Dumbbell curl and press, dumbbell straight legged dead lifts, front twist delts, double arm dumbbell snatches,

Circuit 3- The “Gammitt” super 10’s

Variety in those shoulder workouts goes along way, be creative and add some twists to your movements. Never let you’re workouts get boring and you’re body will never stop improving.

Kaos calorie burning workout with actress Lana Antonova

Hi everyone!  I hope you all enjoying your weekend.  Tim has been trying to get me in front of  the camera for a while now, and finally here it is – Kaos calorie burning workout.
This morning at Gold’s gym I got asked by several people  “how do you stay in such shape?” and “are you training for something?”

Well, the first question will be answered by the video we prepared for you and second  — I’m training so I can feel & look good, stay healthy and eat whatever I want – in moderation. 😉
As an actress and a woman I’m always under pressure of staying in shape.  The entertainment industry is tough as is, and it doesn’t help matters when you constantly referred to as “healthy and wholesome”.  At one point of my life I was 145 pounds, it was hard to lose weight and keep it off.  This is how I know that diets don’t work.  I had to alter my lifestyle and I didn’t really accomplish that until I met Tim.   Today I’m in a total control of my body, and I love it.  And I stay in shape for ME, because it has changed my life.   I’m very lucky to have Tim in my life, but now you also have Tim, so take advantage of this blog,  he can also help YOU to change YOUR lifestyle…remotely.  🙂

This is a short post from me, gotta run now, I’ll be back  next Sunday with a new post on “Fitness – never too early, never too late.”
Enjoy the videos.  I’m going to be hurting for days now after that work out…

Fitness on the go – Kaos on the travel

Going on vacation? Business trip? No weights around? No problem Kaos has you covered. The Kaos travel program was born because half of my clients are either on business trips or vacation half of the year and don’t always have access to weights and don’t want to lose what they worked so hard for. It is a mixture of yoga, plyos, iso-metrics, core work and a little kaos, all  can be done in a small space like your hotel room or your room at your friends or parents house. It can also be called “the-economy-got-you-down” workout because you don’t need the weights, machines or expensive gym memberships.   Here’s a little breakdown  of what each exercise will do and why this workout is effective.

Plyometrics is the ability to convert power into speed, they are great for building your white fibrous (explosive) muscles. Plyos are great for improving your quick movements and jumping ability but they are not just for the professional athletes.

Isometrics are exercises performed in a static position or holding yourself in one position against an unmovable object. Iso’s are a bit boring to do and will not increase your athletic ability but mixed in with the rest of the Kaos program are a nice adaptive.

Lets get to the workouts! What you will need for these workouts is a little space and a chair.  That’s it!

circuit 1. Russian lunges 20 reps or regular lunges 20 on each leg, 20 reps on each leg standing T bends, 20 reps of side bridges into 20 reps of the front bridge, 20 reps of plyo push ups

circuit 2. Hopper squats 20 reps, 20 reps of up-dog push ups into 20 reps of U-push ups, 40 reps of mountain climbers, 20 reps of T-push ups

circuit 3. Chair lunges 15 reps on each leg, side lunges 15 reps on each leg, bench dips 20 reps, incline chair push ups 20 reps, leg cross V crunches 20 reps each leg.

One of my favorite things to do on a vacation or a business trip is to strap on the running shoes and take  a tour of the town.   I always find little nooks and crannys of a city when I either run or walk it and it’s also one of the best ways to overcome jet lag.

Here’s a sample of a Kaos in room workout, with a little imagination and space you can get a workout anywhere, so don’t let your body fall apart when you don’t have the weights.



Standing T Bends

Standing T Bends

Side Bridges

Side Bridges

Front Birdge

Front Birdge

Plyo push-up

Plyo push-up

Downdog push-up

Downdog push-up

U push-up

U push-up

Chair lunge

Chair lunge

Bench dips

Bench dips

Incline bench push-up

Incline bench push-up

Jump squat

Jump squat

Crossed leg V crunch

Crossed leg V crunch