Hi, I know we took a little break from the blog.  We’re working on Kaos and Tim’s Fit Club.  He will be writing more about it in the next few weeks.
I had no idea what to write about this morning.  So we just decided to enjoy the day and I knew something would come.  We had such an amazing day- full of fun, fresh air, some sun, great food, getting some exercise in and most of all, great company.  I love spending time with Tim.  He truly is my best friend above all.

Me & Tim at the beach

Me & Tim at the beach

We started the day with a little beach workout – together.  There’s nothing like it…spending time with your partner…and getting your workout in.  While at the beach, a woman asked me: “You guys look so happy together, what is your secret?”
Secret?  Well, no secret really…we enjoy each others company.  We love spending time together.  And we found a perfect match between fitness and our relationship.  It’s important to find something that you both enjoy to do, and keep it fresh.  Quite a few of out friends are going through some marital problems, so I’m dedicating this post to them and all the couples out there, hopefully this articles help you and inspires you a little.  And we’re always here for you.

The beginning of a relationship is marked with intense passions; the brain during young love resembles that of someone with obsessive-compulsive disorder, or addicted to drugs.  When this stage fades, couples in a long-term relationship might find their relationship more boring, just remember, things change, but don’t be sacred of the change, change can be liberating…embrace it.    To add excitement and passion to a long-term relationship, start doing new things with your partner. Great relationship isn’t forced, but it certainly worked on.  My best example were my parents, who were best friends, and yet they were madly in love.

So instead of going on a date once in awhile to the same old place, try something novel and new to help bring back the butterflies and excitement.  Cook for one another, or do a surprise dinner, invite your partner to a restaurant you both haven’t been to. We do that all the time.  You don’t need an occasion to surprise your loved one.  I did some research online and found studies of Arthur Aaron, a professor at State University of New York, who has been researching this phenomenon on couples that have been married for a long time, this is pretty interesting.

In one study, middle-aged couples were given questionnaires about the relationship and then assigned to three groups:
One group spent 90 minutes a week doing a familiar activity (such as going to dinner), the next spent 90 minutes a week doing an “exciting” activity that they don’t normally do, and the last group was not assigned to do anything in particular.  After 10 weeks, the couples were given the questionnaire again. Those that had done exciting, new dates had a much greater increase in relationship satisfaction than the other groups.   Aron and his colleagues also did another study with married couples. One group was assigned the boring task of walking across a room together, while the other group was challenged to push a ball across a floor while crawling with their wrists and ankles tied together!  After the exercise, the couples that were challenged had a larger increase in love and satisfaction scores than the “boring” couple.

It’s definitely possible to stay passionately and romantically in love; One study of couples that had been married for more than 10 years showed that their brains, when looking at their loved one, showed activity in the area of the brain that is associated with romantic love.

You don’t have to swing from the chandeliers.  Go to a beach for a workout, take a walk on the  beach, take a bike ride to see the sunset/sunrise together.  We love staying fit, so we inject our day with a lot of physical activity.  We have fun while we stay fit, what more can you ask for???!!!  Be spontaneous, don’t make plans, and see what happens. 😉

The more you invest in fun and friendship and being there for your partner, the happier the relationship will get over time. The correlation between fun and marital happiness is high, and significant.  Couples that have fun together are the ones who end up staying together and having a good, enjoyable relationship. So think of something original to do, try a new sport; take a class together; go on a guided tour; take a mini-vacation; drive to a town you’ve never been in before.  Keep it fresh, fun and remember you don’t need extravagant vacations or expensive gifts to be in a healthy loving relationship, the time you spend together is what counts!

Enjoy your night everyone!  We hope you had a great weekend. xo